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at the beach, drinks, food, wine, beach, den haag, the hague

I started my day all planned out: first get a nice sleep out, than ran to my waxing appointment, followed by a nice afternoon at the café working on a new video or a blog post. Good thing is – I did manage to sleep out, but everything after that I failed…

As I left the house to go get my bicycle and go for my appointment, I saw that somebody had dropped something really heavy on both of our bicycles (since they are parked together) and crashed them both completely. Neither one of the bicycles is functioning and also not fixable. No note left….nothing… I just don’t understand those people, why is everybody so selfish and careless… ?

Obviously I wasn’t able to make my appointment anymore, so I tried to reschedule it, and the only time they had was after a couple of hours, so now I had some time to kill. Since sea always calms me down, I decided to make a short trip to the beach and just relax there for a bit. And as I got to the beach, I saw that first beach cafés are already opened and the weather couldn’t be more perfect for that. So I decided to stay and canceled my appointment.

As I am typing this sentence I am sitting at a lovely wooden table facing the sea, enjoying my rose wine and breathing in the sea air…

at the beach, drinks, food, wine, beach, den haag, the hague

Sorry for the blurry pictures, I didn’t plan to make any photos today so left my camera home, and using my iphone instead.



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