Hello beautiful people and welcome to my blog. Thank you for making time in your day to pass by and read my thoughts.

I am a simple girl with a big passion for traveling, fashion, beauty and lifestyle. I’ve created this blog so that I can have a personal space where I can share my life with you. I really hope you will enjoy it and I promise we will have a lot of fun here together. But first, let’s meet:

I was born in a big industrial city in Ukraine and moved to Kiev when I was ten. I was around 6 years old when I first left the country to go on vacations with my family. And it’s safe to say, that it was than when I realized traveling will always be the biggest passion of mine. This was also the main reason why I chose to study international tourism in university. During those years I managed to live in America and Greece. And now here I am sitting in my living room in The Hague and starting something, which I am very excited for.

If you want to know more random facts about me click here for a blog post.

And please don’t be shy, if you have a feedback or any suggestions – I would love to here it from you.

I hope you will like it here and we can all be friends.



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